Tuesday, November 29, 2016


寒い! 朝起きて、朝ヨガする時はもうヒーターをつけています。

It's cold! I've started turning on the heat for morning yoga these days.


Having said that, the afternoons are nice and warm :-). Come enjoy this Saturday afternoon with some yoga by the Niyodo river.

12月3日(土)13時~ ホテル側の木や草が生えている所(キャンプ場?)で集まってします。一人500円お願いします。ヨガマットを持って来てください。

Dec 3, Saturday from 1pm on the hotel side of the river in the grass under the trees. 500 yen per person. Please bring a yoga mat.


Will cancel in the event of rain.

Niyodo river

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